Connected Devices

Pylo devices are the key to our connected health ecosystem. Each device has been designed to the latest industry standards of accuracy and security while minimizing the configuration and complexity for the patient. Our devices have one step to configure - just put the batteries in and go.

Blood Pressure Monitor (PY-802-LTE)

Millions of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, yet most do not have it under control. Research cited by the American Heart Association notes that remote cardiac monitoring can greatly reduce patient blood pressure compared to typical care and self-monitoring alone. The PY-802-LTE Blood Pressure Monitor makes remote blood pressure monitoring easy for patients, care providers and developers. Features include:

  • Clinically accurate systolic, diastolic and heart rate readings.
  • FDA 510(k) Clearance
  • Direct LTE Cellular Connection
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection

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Weight Scale Plus (PY-200-LTE)

Coming 12/2020!

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Weight Scale (PY-200-LTE)

Coming 2/2021!

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Pylo has also partnered with the best medical device creators in the industry to bring more functionality and device types to our platform.

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